Zuke’s® Natural™ Purrz for Cats

ZUKES.CATTREATS.PICSSeveral months ago on a visit to my local Petco, I purchased a package of Zuke’s® Natural™ Purrz Cat Treats.  I offered a sample of the soft, chewy salmon morsels to Lucy and Chico when I got home.  My two feline friends are extremely picky eaters and often turn up their noses at my offerings.

I can honestly tell you that they gobbled up the treats!  Chico, who stays in hiding when our grandson is in the house, overcame his fears and followed me to the living room, hoping for more Zuke’s treats.  While I held the cat treat package and wrote down the ingredients from the label, Chico gnawed on the package, pushed at my hand, making a pest of himself in hopes that I would give him more.

This is about as good as it gets in our house.  The cats loved it!

As for the basics, this product with the savory salmon recipe, is full of mostly healthy ingredients.  However, the malted barley shown on the list appears to be a cheap variety of barley from the beer brewing grain waste.  The treat also contains vegetable glycerin, which is not a particularly healthy choice for pets.

I should have realized that in order to stay soft and chewy, the glycerin was the key.  I’ll go into the good and bad about glycerin in a future article but for now, let’s just say that the inclusion of the glycerin dimmed my prior view of the product.

Yes, I know this is a treat and not a main meal, but it still goes into my kitties’ tummies.

Salmon as a first ingredient is a great beginning!  It’s followed by a few carbohydrate items and then cranberries, which is a healthy option, adding a pop of vitamins.

I paid $3.57 on sale for the 3 ounce package, not exactly a great bargain.  But treats last awhile in my house,so it works out.

However, a recent development may change my mind about purchasing Zuke’s for my pets.  The company was just bought by Nestle Purina.  Given that this company just returned their Waggin Tail dog treats to the retail market after they had been recalled for possible antibiotic residue contamination, I want to know more about their plans for the Zuke’s products.  Will the Zuke’s products continue to be manufactured in their original facilities or will they be incorporated into Nestle Purina’s other pet food manufacturing plants?  Or, even worse, will they start sourcing the ingredients for Zuke’s Treats in China?

There are too many unanswered questions about the future of Zuke’s, so I plan to hold up on future purchases until I’m satisfied about their origin.  Time will tell!


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