Which Is Better – Friskies or California Natural?

In this article, we’ll compare 2 well-known cat foods:  Friskies™ Indoor Delights and California Natural Herring & Sweet Potato Formula Adult Dry Cat Food.   Below are the ingredients for the Friskies food:

Friskies™ Indoor Delights Cat Food

The next photo shows the ingredients list for the California Naturals food:

California Naturals Herring & Sweet Potato Dry Cat Food

On the Friskies™ ingredients lists, notice that the first three items listed are not good choices.  There is no meat.  Corn and corn gluten meal are used as poor substitutes for protein.  By-products are never a good idea in either dog or cat food.  So the first three ingredients that weigh the most are poor quality ingredients.  The meat and bone meal listed fourth is another poor quality choice.  Next is soybean meal, a useless inclusion, followed by beef tallow.  Tallow is a leftover from the rendering process and is not easily digestible..  The list goes on with more bad choices, including more byproducts and chemical food colors.  The only positive notes on this list are taurine and the vitamins included at the bottom of the list, where it means they are in the smallest amounts.

Moving on to the California Naturals label, two of the first four ingredients are top-quality protein sources.  I like the use of the herrings, because it’s an excellent source of Omega-3 essential fatty acid.  The two grains sitting at the 2 and 3 positions on the list are excellent choices.  Chicken fat is perfectly acceptable, because it is a named meat fat.  The two oils used – sunflower and herring oils – are very healthy selections.  As you read on down the list, there is nothing that wouldn’t be a very good food for any kitty.

Compare these two food and then decide for yourself which food provides the best nutrition for a cat and which one you’d rather feed to your furry feline friend.



One thought on “Which Is Better – Friskies or California Natural?

  1. Monica

    Good information. I have been feeding our cats Friskies Indoor Delights as a dry food that we leave out. We had begun to suspect that this food was causing varying episodes of vomiting. This just confirms why.


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