What a Difference a Little Knowledge Makes! by Maggie Digiovanni, guest blogger

June 30, 2013

Recently, my brother came to visit.  Traveling with Jim was Pitamus Pup, his faithful curly mop of a dog.  Pitamus was besieged with itching so bad that he could scarcely do anything else but scratch himself to ease the agony.

My brother was at wit’s end trying to help his pup.  He bathed him regularly, along with combing and brushing his thick coat.  He had changed flea medications to one that had helped some months before.  All his efforts were to no avail.

Noting that Pitamus’ nails were too long, I talked Jim into going with me to Waggin’ Tails, a nearby grooming salon, to have them trimmed.  No sooner did the groomer pick the dog up than he noted its coat was “yeasty.”  He thought the dog’s diet might be at least partly to blame.

“Does he scratch much?”

“Constantly and he has scaly bumps on his back.”

“What do you feed him?”

“Some dry dog food.”

“High-end or inexpensive?”

“Cheapest thing available usually.”

“That’s probably the source of the dog’s problems.  Try a high-end food with absolutely no grains in it.  Dogs are carnivores.  They need meat, not grains, and many of them are allergic to wheat and corn.”

When we returned home, we read the ingredients on the package of dog food and the treats package.  There was NO meat in either.  There were by-products, but mostly there was wheat, corn, barley and unpronounceable items!  Even worse, the package of treats had a serious notation to humans that “IF THIS PRODUCT IS TOUCHED BY HUMAN HANDS, WASH HANDS IMMEDIATELY!”

Why would anyone think a product that should not be touched by human hands should be fed to our pets?  Yet, this product was being promoted as good for dogs.

Knowledge is a powerful thing.  In this case, it turned out to be a life-changer for Pitamus Pup.  Not only did a change in diet to meals cooked by his master stop the itching, it also cleared up what we had thought were clogged tear ducts.  The crustiness Jim cleaned from his pet’s eyes several times a day disappeared completely within three days.

We also got a shampoo with instructions to use it three times a week for at least three weeks.  Jim reports his pup’s coat is shiny and healthier looking than it has ever been.

Please read package ingredients for your pets, as well as your entire family.  They are, after all, an integral part of our lives.

Just because a product is sold by our vets does not mean it is any better than that on grocery shelves.  In fact, one product than charges a premium price is full of grains.

Our pets trust us.  Their lives depend on us.  Shouldn’t we make life as pleasant for our best friends as possible?

The previous story was written by a guest blogger.  Maggie Digiovanni is a freelance writer and devoted pet lover who lives in SW Florida.

Maggie Digiovanni, writer

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