Voluntary Recall of Some Hartz® Pet Treats

January 27, 2013

Hartz Mountain Corporation has announced a voluntary recall of its Hartz® Chicken Chews™ and one other product.  Also included are Hartz® Oinkies® Pig Skin Twists.  The twists are wrapped with chicken for dogs.

Hartz® is taking this action after recent testing showed trace amounts of unapproved antibiotic residue in samples of both products.  These antibiotics are approved for use in poultry in China and some other countries but not in the United States.

After learning about the withdrawal of other brands of chicken jerky dog treats, Hartz® conducted their own quality control tests and found the antibiotic residue traces.  While there is no indication that there a relation to the FDA’s ongoing investigation of the Chinese-made products, Hartz® is taking the precaution of withdrawing the two products from the retail market.

If you have purchased these products, you may call the Hartz Consumer Affairs office at 1-800-2751414 for a refund.  Go to www.hartz.com for more information.

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