Update on Beneful Dog Food Complaints

Back in August of 2012, I reviewed Beneful® Dog Food on this website, because I had received a number of complaints about the product.  Research showed me that the Consumer Affairs website had received many more.

In February, 2015, one Frank Lucido filed a class action lawsuit against Nestle Purina on behalf of himself and other pet owners across the United States who believe their dogs were sickened or killed from eating Beneful®.  These complaints dated back several years. (ABC News Report, 2/24/15).

Lucido’s lawsuit contends that there are two problems with this pet food.  One is the inclusion of propylene glycol, a known toxin.  Nestle Purina says the propylene glycol they use is FDA approved and is also used in human foods, like salad dressing and cake mix.  Somehow, that doesn’t reassure me.

The lawsuit also charges that mycotoxins produced by molds in grains were found in Beneful® Dog Food and pose a health risk to dogs.

The Lucido suit is the third one against Beneful in recent years.  Two previous lawsuits were dismissed.

Symptoms of the kind of poisoning the thousands of pets suffered that are suspected to be related to Beneful® are lethargy, decreased activity and appetite, vomiting, diarrhea – often bloody, and increased thirst and urination.  If your dog shows such symptoms, contact your veterinary professional at once for assistance.  If that sick pet has eaten Beneful®, take a sample of the same food to your vet for further study.

There are many people who feed this brand of food to their dogs and experience no issues at all.  But when the numbers of sick pets seems to be increasing, common sense says to pay close attention.  You never know when a dog will react negatively to a food.  I’m sure many illnesses and even deaths go unreported when food is suspected.  Don’t allow your dog to become a statistic.


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