Science Diet Dog Food Withdrawal

A few days ago, I found a recall notice on the site.  It took a couple more days to search out more information.  That first notice said only that a “customer” had found a note on the shelves of Science Diet canned dog food in PetSmart announcing a “voluntary withdrawal” of certain canned foods.  No further information was given at that time.  Since then, I have learned that Hill’s Science Diet voluntarily recalled the foods because of a mislabeling issue.  Apparently, the company mislabeled some of the ingredients in the recalled foods.

On the site, I found a quote by a Hill’s Pet Nutrition representative that had been posted on Facebook.  It said, “There is no reason to be concerned.  There is no health, safety, or nutrition issue with any of the recalled products.  It is safe to feed as intended.”

That is a rather broad reassurance, since we have no idea what might be in those cans.  What if a dog were highly allergic to a particular ingredient?  How would a consumer know that the can was free of that ingredient?  My Weimaraner was allergic to chicken.  He broke out in hives all over his body when he ate chicken.  I certainly wouldn’t want to toss the dice on whether a can of food contained something that would cause that.

The site offered these questions:  “If there was nothing wrong, why were the products withdrawn? Why was there no bigger announcement? And why hasn’t the company been more forthcoming?”  Good questions, all!

Hill’s is calling this a product withdrawal, rather than a recall, because all date codes of the canned products below are being withdrawn.

Science Diet Dog Adult Perfect Weight Chicken & Vegetables, 12.8 oz. UPC #5274229750

Ideal Balance Slim & Healthy Chicken, 12.8 oz. UPC #5274230770

Science Diet Dog Small & Toy Adult Gourmet Beef Entree, 5.8 oz. UPC #5274249660

Science Diet Dig Small & Toy Mature Gourmet Beef Entree, 5,8 oz. UPC #5274249680

Science Diet Dog Adult Beef Entree, 13 oz. UPC #5274270390

Science Diet Dog Adult Beef & Chicken Entree, 13 oz. UPC #5274270400

Science Diet Dog Mature Adult Gourmet Beef Entree, 13 oz. UPC 5274270560

If you purchased any of those products, return them to your place of purchase for more information.  I don’t know if they will refund your money since the company is saying the food is safe, but you can certainly ask.

Buyer beware!  Choose your pet’s food carefully.

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