Salix Animal Health Expands Recall of Treats

October 26, 2015

According to the Food & Drug Administration, Salix Animal Health expanded their earlier recall of Good ‘n’ Fun Beefhide Chicken Sticks Dog Treats because of the potential for Salmonella bacteria.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture confirmed that Salmonella was present in another lot of the product.  As a precaution, Salix Animal Health issued a voluntary expansion of the recall to include all lots manufactured around the same time.

The Good ‘n’ Fun Beefhide Chicken Sticks are distributed to Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar stores nationwide.

The recalled product is packaged in 2.8 oz. bags stamped with the item code # 82247 on the back of the package. The expiration dates range from February, 2018, to July, 2018.   The UPC code is 0 91093 82247 1.

You may contact the Salix Animal Health Consumer Affairs at 800-338-4896 between 8:30 – 5, Monday to Friday, EST for a refund and more information.

Salmonella infection in humans can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bloody diarrhea, fever, and in severe cases – abdominal cramping.  Should you experience any of these symptoms after handling the recalled product, contact your medical professional at once.

Pets that contract Salmonella infections exhibit many of the same symptoms.  However many dogs and cats don’t show any signs of infection at all.  They just carry the bacteria and infect others.  If you believe your pet came in contact with this recalled product, talk to your veterinarian.



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