Review: Wellness® Divine Duos™ with Chicken Pate & Diced Turkey Cat Food

July 13, 2014

WELLNESSRecently, a marketing rep for Wellness® asked me to review their new Divine Duos™ Cat Food. I asked a few questions about the product, as I usually do when a company approaches me. Because I would be offering the food to my own pets, it was important to know this cat food was safe. Once I was satisfied that neither the food itself nor the ingredients are sourced in or made in China, we were good to go.

The Duos combine two layers of food in one container. The bottom layer is pate, and the top layer is cut up meat in gravy.

When I opened the first can, I really expected my two felines to turn up their noses, because they usually eat a more solid pate type of cat food. Plus, cats generally take a long time to switch to a new food. Surprise! My two finicky eaters gobbled that food like they hadn’t eaten in days!


The cat food ingredients list begins with chicken broth and water, not surprising in a canned food which is always high in moisture content. Then we see chicken and potato starch, a good protein and an acceptable carbohydrate. I would have preferred to see that carb further down the list. Next come turkey, chicken liver and eggs, all healthy protein sources. Carrots are a nice addition. The remaining ingredients include vitamins, minerals and amino acids such as taurine, which cats must have in their diets.

My only negative about this food is that I wish the guaranteed analysis showed a higher minimum protein count. There is no way to know for sure the exact percentage. But overall, this is a good cat food and I wouldn’t hesitate to feed it to my fur-babies.

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