Review: Two Pedigree Dog Foods

January 7, 2016

Someone recently reminded me that I had promised to review Pedigree dog foods. Here it is and you aren’t going to like it.

Let’s begin with Pedigree® Little Champions Chunks in Gravy with Chicken. The Pedigree® website describes this canned dog food as “a delicious recipe made with high-quality ingredients.”  Sounds ok, right?

Pedigree Dog Food

The first – and weightiest ingredient is water instead of a protein. That is followed by chicken, a good thing. Then they add meat by-products which, in my opinion based on years of research, is not a good idea. Remember that dead dogs and cats or road kill or just about anything can be in by-products. And when it says “meat” instead of a specific meat, that could be worse.  Liver is good and then they add wheat flour and gluten – never a good idea because dogs don’t need all the carbohydrates and some dogs are allergic to wheat. Then we see more starch. Salt is not needed in a dog’s diet. Further down the list we come to “added color.” Wonder what that means?  Is it artificial colors, meaning chemicals? This is not my idea of a healthy dog diet.

Next up, let’s look at Pedigree® Adult Complete Nutrition Chicken Flavor. This dry food doesn’t contain any meat.

Pedigree Dry Dog Food

Where’s the meat? This product begins with corn and that is followed by meat and bone meal and more corn.  Many dogs are sensitive to corn in any form and meat and bone meal is a rendered product that comes from who knows what.  Animal fat is the worst kind of fat because it is the result of rendering and again, it could contain road kill, supermarket waste, or euthanized pets. The package states that it contains BHA – another bad ingredient for dogs.  If you have read my articles on the use of soy in pet foods, you know how bad this is for our dogs. Plus, most soy grown in the United States is genetically modified.  On down the list is chicken by-product meal – another rendered item that could contain anything. There is added salt and Brewer’s rice, a waste product from the beer-brewing industry, and artificial colors. No chemicals in my dog’s food!

I would not recommend either of these foods.

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Mitzi Jo January 29, 2016 at 10:26 am

Yikes! I just looked up the definition of meat by products. Very scary. My dog family eats Chicken soup for the Dog Lovers mixed with canned pedigree wet food. We seem to do well on it. There are 6 of us and we have good stools, and no dog gas. Do remember humans that we dogs DO love eating kidneys, liver etc. which is in out nature but some of those other ingredients they can call by products sounds gross


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