Review: Two Cat Foods Designed for Sensitive Stomachs

April 16, 2014

There are several commercial foods on the market for cats with sensitive stomachs.  Eukanuba® and Blue Buffalo ® produce two of them.

Eukanuba states on their website that theirs is the only dry cat food for sensitive stomachs that begins with real meat instead of a vegetable protein.  You will see that this isn’t true.  It also states that it contains the prebiotic FOS and “patented fiber sources” to aid digestion.


This food begins with chicken, an excellent beginning.  But it loses me with the next three ingredients:  chicken by-product meal, corn grits and corn meal.  First of all, by-products in any form are a bad idea, because you don’t know what’s in them.  Could be anything from spoiled meat to euthanized animals. Don’t take the chance!  I find it strange that any form of corn would be included in a food aimed at sensitive tummies because cats don’t digest corn well.  Lamb is good, but then we see Brewer’s rice and animal fat.  Brewer’s rice comes from the brewing industry and is the leftover sweepings of rice.  Animal fat is a result of the rendering process and like by-products, it can include most anything. Fish oil could have been swapped for a named oil, such as Menhaden fish oil, and been a healthier choice. I see no problem with the remaining ingredients on the list.

Blue™ Sensitive Stomach with Life Source Bits Cat Food shows a different side of the proverbial coin.  The ingredients are much better suited for kitty’s sensitive tummy.


This food begins with chicken, followed by chicken meal and several healthy grains.  Reading down the list of ingredients, there isn’t much to complain about.  I would have switched the fish oil for a named fish oil, and I would have omitted the salt.  The ingredients list looks good.

However, it might be better suited for nervous stomachs with fewer ingredients.  All those fruits and vegetables make it difficult to narrow down a culprit, should a cat develop an upset stomach.

All in all, it sounds like a very good cat food for any kitty and it is far better than the Eukanuba offering above.  All that said, I would be remiss if I didn’t direct your attention to a website, and suggest you read the many complaints by other cat owners.  Then make up your own mind.

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