Review: Taste of the Wild® Pacific Stream Canine™ Formula

December 28, 2012

Those of you who have read our posts know the story of our Weimaraner, Gator, and his skin issues.   For the past 3-4 years, he has struggled with hives with no known origin.   We have run our own food trials with him with mixed success.   With a new change in diet, Gator’s rashes will heal and he’ll seem to do well on the new food for a few months.   Then something will trigger a new problem and we begin all over.   The one determination is that something in the dry kibble is causing severe skin rashes in our big dog.

This week, we are working in a new food.   Gator is one of those fortunate canines who will eat most anything without stomach problems – until the allergy kicks in.   So switching to a new food is rarely a problem.   His new diet is a grain-free kibble from Taste of the Wild®.   I have high hopes for this one, and I’ll add an addendum to this article once we see how it works for our big boy.

Food allergy – or intolerance – in dogs is common and present many difficulties for the pet’s owner until a solution is found.   Finding Taste of the Wild® may be our solution.

This interesting dog food boasts no grains at all and contains all healthy ingredients.   Gator is trying out the Pacific Stream Canine™ Formula with Smoked Salmon and loves it!

Ingredients List


What’s not to love?   This is a pure food for dogs.   It’s even processed with purified water!   I also like the fact that Taste of the Wild® is manufactured in the United States.

Fish is a good choice for dogs with sensitivity issues and this particular variety offers just that.   Notice in the ingredients list that it begins with salmon and ocean fish meal – two high protein sources.   Not much further down the list are 2 more fish sources.   Very few commercial dog foods offer 4 protein sources in one bag of kibble.

With all the vitamins, anti-oxidants and vegetables included, this pet food offers every possible nutritional option my dog needs to thrive.   I’ll keep you posted on Gator’s progress on Taste of the Wild® dog food.

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Terri January 7, 2014 at 3:54 pm

So, how did he do on Taste of the Wild??


Carol North January 7, 2014 at 4:52 pm

Terri, Gator did ok on the Taste of the Wild food. But like so many other dog foods after 6-8 months, he began to break out in hives once again. Our veterinarian told us that some dogs struggle with this problem all their lives; others just when they get older. The one dog food that Gator has consistently done well on is Natural Balance Duck and Potato. He has been back on that food – second time – for several months and is doing well. Keeping fingers crossed! I certainly don’t blame the Taste of the Wild food. It’s my dog with the problem. Carol


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