Review: Purina® ProPlan® Sensitive Skin & Stomach Formula Dog Food

February 11, 2014

Since Purina® ProPlan® is sponsoring the Westminster Dog Show on television this week, it seems an appropriate time to review one of these products.  This commercial dog food is supposedly created for adult dogs with stomach or skin issues.  ProPlan is manufactured by the Nestle-Purina Company, long known for mediocre food at affordable prices.  ProPlan is supposed to be a better product.

A Better Purina ProductClick On List to Enlarge

Salmon is the first ingredient and an excellent choice for the main source of protein.  The second item, brewer’s rice, is a grain waste product from the beer-brewing industry.

Canola meal is usually found in animal feeds ( Enough said!

Animal fat is a result of the rendering process.  Because it is not a named meat, I would be very concerned about its source.  It could include the 4-D meats:  dead, dying, diseased and disabled.  Remember that rendering vats include meat from restaurant waste, roadkill, and sorts of unmentionables.  If it were chicken fat, you would know that the rendering vat would only include chicken.

Fish meal is another generic term, meaning the fish source could come from anything.   When you see a named fish meal, such as Menhaden fish meal, you know the source is safer.  Generic fish meal could include ethoxyquin as a preservative.  A named fish meal would not.

On down the list, we come to Brewer’s Dried Yeast.  This is a waste product used as flavoring in cheaper pet foods and some think it can be toxic to the liver and cause allergies and arthritis (

Animal digest is used to flavor the dog food.  The taste appeals to dogs like a bag of corn chips would to humans.  Animal Digest is a rendered product and can include tissue from 4-D animals, restaurant waste, supermarket waste and euthanized animals.

There is no need to add salt to dog food.

The rest of the ingredients are fine but they don’t outweigh the poor choices listed above.  I would not feed this dog food to my pet, even if he didn’t have a sensitive stomach.






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