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Today, I received a shipment of two new PureZa for Life products that could literally change my dog’s life! They certainly could do wonders for the health of many aging dogs and cats and those of any age with digestive issues.
PureZa+ Maximum Motion provides repair assistance in older pets with problems like arthritis, bursitis, or hip dysplasia. The ingredients in this product have long been used and worked well for humans. Now, our pets can benefit from them.

The 4 main components of Maximum Motion are natural collagen, Opti MSM, Glucosamine and Chondroitin. The collagen used is the purest form available. This product will help bones, joints and blood vessels.  The Opti MSM is included also in the purest form and is used to treat arthritic and chronic pain in humans. Glucosamine plays a key role in building connective tissue in the joints. Chondroitin helps the elasticity of cartilage.

This product is gluten free and is designed for any age, breed or gender. It’s all natural, non-toxic with no side effects.
Gator received his first “dose” of Maximum Motion on his dinner tonight and gobbled it right up. I believe this product will be a huge help for him. Gator is now 11 years old and slowing down. His joints creak as he gets up and down, and his movements have definitely slowed.

PureZa+ Extreme Enzymes is the second new product offered by the company. Pet nutrition expert Kevin Thomas says, “Enzymes are basically the combination of energy and the life force in all living things. Without enzymes, life would not exist.”

In many commercial pet foods, enzymes come from the waste meats left over from the human food industry. Those meats are cooked at such high temperatures during the rendering process that the enzymes are killed. This is why enzyme supplements are beneficial to pets. If your dog or cat eats only a diet of fresh meat, rather than a commercially-prepared dry diet, perhaps he doesn’t need supplements. Ask your veterinarian if you are in doubt.
PureZa+ Extreme Enzymes help build up new defenses over time, even in older dogs just starting on them. The difference becomes noticeable within a few weeks.

This product will result in pain reduction in joints, decrease the formation of hairballs in cats, and prolong the aging process. What is different and special about this PureZa for Life product is the high quality and purity. These are human grade with the highest potency per serving available. Human grade products require certain standards to be met, where pet food grade does not.

Extreme Enzymes come in powder form and can be added straight to your pet’s meal. Just sprinkle it on. Doesn’t get any easier than that!

Kevin Thomas said that in creating the product, test dogs were used. Two of the dogs were in extremely poor condition and were soon to be euthanized. Now, after treatment for a few weeks with Extreme Enzymes, both animals are greatly improved. This new product is considered a “turbo charger” for digestion.

I have written several articles chronicling our Gator’s troubles with food sensitivities over the years, and I’m excited to try this new product on him. According to Kevin Thomas, “How fast the Extreme Enzymes work will depend on the age and condition of the animal. Chronic situations may require 2 doses a day. The maintenance dose is once a day.”
I expect to see some results in just a few weeks, if we don’t skip a day and will certainly report that on our Facebook pages, as well as on this website.

If you would like to order either of these products for your dog or cat, click here. Any purchase you make on that site will benefit Seniors for Pets, a non-profit we support.


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