Review: Precise Holistic Puppy Formulas

April 8, 2013

Precise Pets makes puppy food for both large and giant breed puppies and for small and medium-sized ones.  Your veterinarian will recommend which is best for your puppy’s health.

PREC.LG.GIANT.PUPP.IMGThe Large and Giant Breed Puppy Food includes just the right amount of protein to build solid muscle as the animal grows.  You never want a large breed puppy to grow too quickly, so the proper diet with the correct amount of protein is important.  This food is designed for pups that will reach more than 50 lbs at full growth.


Notice that the list begins with chicken meal.  This does not contain by-products but is high in protein.  Fish meal is further down the ingredients list.  These puppies have different nutritional needs than small breeds and care must be taken to limit the amount of protein they consume to prevent that rapid growth that could damage their fragile joints.

When I raised my Great Dane puppies, breeders and veterinarians didn’t know a lot about pet nutrition and the proper foods that large breed pups should eat.  I was told by Ginny’s breeder at Meistersinger Great Danes in Kentucky to feed her adult Purina to keep the protein levels down as she grew.  She had the right idea but just not the correct food, because Ginny developed all kinds of food allergies.  When my blue Dane joined us, we knew a bit more about various pet foods and started him out on an adult formula of a high-end food.  Now that pet food manufacturers are addressing the needs of the large and giant breed babies, the pups should thrive on the proper diet.

PREC.SM.MED.PUPP.IMG The ingredient list for the small and medium breed puppy food includes lamb meal, as well as chicken and fish meals.  Other than those protein changes, the two ingredients lists are the same.

The difference lies in analyzing said ingredients.  The large/giant breed food contains 27% minimum crude protein, while the small/medium puppy food shows 29% crude protein.

There are differences in the amounts of crude fats, calcium and Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, as well.  The large breed puppy kibble contains chondroitin sulfate to help build those strong joints.

You can find that guaranteed analysis chart on every container of dog food.



Whatever the size of your puppy, there is a Precise Holistic ® Puppy Formula to suit.  You won’t go wrong with this product.

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