Review: Precise Holistic Complete Dog Food

Recently, I attended Celebration of Pets, a Sarasota, Florida, dog show.  Vendors’ tents lined the fairgrounds with all sorts of dog-related products for sale.  Nestled in among those retail vendors were several high-end pet food company representatives.  Precise Pet Products was one of those companies.

The people representing that company handed out samples of the various pet food products they sell.  Because my dogs are now eating a grain-free diet, I chose the Precise Holistic Complete® Grain-Free Dog Food in the lamb meal and turkey meal formula.


This food contains all healthy ingredients, as one would expect from a quality, holistic dog food.  I particularly like that the meat comes from muscle meat and includes unique protein sources such as duck and salmon, because my Weimaraner suffers from so many skin issues.

Anytime a pet food includes real meat, antioxidants, probiotic supplements and herbal supplements, you know you on the right path to optimum pet health.

The Precise Holistic Complete® food is formulated for all life stages, features two quality protein sources in the first four ingredients listed.  I’m impressed with all vitamins, vegetables and fruits included.

My dogs loved the sample I gave them and if it were not for the price, I wouldn’t hesitate to feed it to them on a regular basis.  This is a good product!

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