Review: Precise Canned Feline Foundation

April 17, 2014

If you want your cat to eat a diet of ocean fish, chicken, essential vitamins and minerals, along with healthy grains, then try the canned version of Precise Feline Foundation.  This review focuses on the Simmering Seafare variety, but they are all good.

Whether your furry feline is a kitten, adult or senior cat, she will get all the nutrients she needs with this food.

The company offers a variety of flavors from ocean fish, turkey, chicken, simmered seafare (a mixture of tuna, salmon and ocean fish) to a mixed grill.

A healthy commercial cat food

Look at those first 6 ingredients.  What cat wouldn’t love those high-quality protein sources!  Following those on the ingredients list are a couple of healthy grains and a whole lot of vitamins.

As with any cat food, you must start very slowly to switch Fluffy to a new food.  Cats have a keen sense of smell and will turn up their noses at the very hint of something different from their usual dinner.  Expect a switch in food to take weeks to accomplish.  I found with Lucy and Chico that if I place a tiny amount of a new food on my finger and offer it to them as a treat, it is often well-received.

If your budget can afford Precise Feline Foundation foods, your kitty will be a happy girl or boy.


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