Review: Petbrosia’s Grain-Free Salmon Cat Food

July 8, 2014


PETBROSIA.PHOTO.SALMONPetbrosia’s Grain-Free Salmon Cat Food

    Petbrosia’s Chicken Formula Cat Food proved to be popular from the beginning.  Now, the company has released a new grain-free, salmon option.  You know from the name that cats will love this one!  Along with it being a tasty food for kitties, the new variety is jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  As you can see from the photo above taken from their website, salmon is the first and most important ingredient in the food and offers Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that support joints, skin and heart. This food is offered in 5, 10 and 20 lb. packages.  If you become a member of the Petbrosia Gold Club, shipping is free.  You can read more about this on their website, The ingredients list below is based on the profile of our Chico, a Snowshoe Siamese-mix.  Chico is now 7 years old and an average kitty when it comes to activity level.  After filling out his profile, Petbrosia gave me an assessment of what Chico needs in his diet.  The formula actually contains optimal levels of fats, proteins and calories to help him maintain a healthy weight.  It shows that because Chico is getting older, he requires a mix of optimal protein levels, lower fat, and fewer calories. Petbrosia Grain-Free Salmon Cat Food   Chico’s formula begins with two strong proteins in salmon and salmon meal.  Those are followed by sweet potato and Menhaden fish meal, making the first four ingredients a terrific beginning for my cat.  The remaining ingredients are as healthy as one can get, creating a really first-rate cat food. Petbrosia foods provide a pet with exactly what it needs and come with a guarantee.   See the website Terms and Conditions for details about this. Please remember when starting your kitty on any new food, it must be done very slowly and could take several weeks to complete the switch.  Begin by adding a very small amount of the new food in with the old.  After a few days, you can probably add a bit more and gradually increase the new food and decrease the old.  Every cat is different.  One of mine is picky and the other will switch to any new food immediately.  You can always use the CONTACT US box for help, if you have difficulty changing your pet’s diet. You will pay a bit more for Petbrosia’s Grain-Free Salmon, but it’s worth the difference in the good nutrition it gives your cat.  Our pets like junk food just as we do.  A cheap bag of what I call junk cat food will be treated by Kitty just as a bag of corn chips and a soda would be by us.  We love them and we’d prefer to eat them.  However, we know very well that they aren’t good for us.  The same is true for cheap pet food filled with grains like corn and wheat and animal flavor, by-products and other nasty ingredients.   Do your cat a favor and switch him or her to a healthier diet.   You’ll likely spend less money at the vet’s office. To order this food or obtain more information, click here.

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