Review: Petbrosia Cat Food

November 30, 2013

I have written a review previously about Petbrosia’s food for dogs.  This one is for our feline friends.  I know several people who are ordering this all-natural cat food online and say that it has really improved the look and feel of their kitties’ fur.  One friend in Arizona says that Smokey won’t eat anything else.  These are great testimonials to begin a food review.

The procedure for ordering this product is to go to their website,  Create a profile for your pet, answering simple questions about his or her breed, weight, energy level, age, and listing any allergies.  Once the profile is complete, the company creates a special formula food designed specifically for your pet.

Below is a typical Ingredients list for an adult cat:

Petbrosia Cat Food Ingredients

Going through the list, you can see that there is nothing bad on it and a lot of very good ingredients.  The carbohydrates used are good choices.  I love the inclusion of healthy vegetables and fruits.  All ingredients are natural and the food is gluten free and free of corn, wheat and soy.    In short, this is an excellent cat food!

As a senior pet owner, I appreciate the fact that the food is delivered right to my front door.  You can even take advantage of an auto-ship program so that you don’t have to remember when to reorder the food for Fluffy.

Always remember that changing a cat’s food requires time and patience.  Gradually add a bit of the new food in with the old and increase the amount of the new food every few days.  Eventually, your cat will make the complete change.

Yes, Petbrosia costs a little more than the average grocery-store cat food.  But remember the adage, pay a little more for healthy food for your pet and you’ll see lower veterinary bills down the road.  Try this one – Fluffy will thank you.


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