Review: Petbrosia Cat Food

Petbrosia foods are sold on their website. To order, you log onto the site and set up a profile for your pet. You will be asked such questions as your cat’s weight, gender, age, breed, and level of activity, if it has been spay or neutered and even the hair length. You can even upload a photo of your kitty. Once the profile is completed, all of the information will be used to create a food formula specifically designed for your cat.

For this review, I am using our cat, Lucy, as the subject. Lucy’s personal profile provides the ingredients reviewed here. Let’s look at the ingredients:

The most important thing you can count on with any Petbrosia product is top-quality ingredients. This food begins with deboned chicken. The chicken is free-range with no antibiotics or hormones used. Chicken is followed by chicken meal, also very high in protein.

As grains go, brown rice is a good option. That’s followed by pea starch, chicken fat, and pea protein. I like all of these choices for carbohydrates.

Sweet potatoes add vitamins and navy beans contain even more protein. I like that they used a named fish meal – Menhaden fish meal and Menhaden fish oil.

The remaining ingredients on the list are great! I could have done without the salt but the rest of the options overshadow that. This food is so full of vitamins and antioxidants that your cat is sure to thrive!
Petbrosia doesn’t believe that one cat food fits all cats. “When you feed your cat to maintain an ideal body condition, you can help support a longer and higher quality of life.”

All of Petbrosia’s meats, fruits and vegetables are sourced in the United States and contain no artificial additives or unnecessary fillers. Their formulas address weight, skin and coat, digestion, joints, healthy teeth, energy and support of the immune system.

What’s not to love! Sure, the price is a bit higher than the average grocery store cat food, but Petbrosia offers so much more for your pet that it is entirely worth it.


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