Review: Orijin SixFish Cat Food

August 17, 2013

Holistic Cat Food


In a recent conversation, I was asked to review Orijin Pet Foods.  Researching this subject was fun because they have a delightful website and excellent products.

Orijin bills its SixFish Cat Food as “inspired by the rich diversity of fish indigenous to Canada’s pristine waters.”  Those are fancy words to describe a cat food packed with salmon, flounder, wild walleye, Northern pike, lake whitefish and herring.  What kitty wouldn’t love this one!


Orijin Cat Food Ingredients

This pet food is low in carbohydrates, supporting healthy blood sugar levels and is suitable for cats in all life-stages.  Notice that along with all that fish, the vegetables and fruits included are excellent choices for a cat’s optimum health.  The added supplements are all good ones.  All of the fish included provides a rich source of taurine without resorting to a synthetic product.

SixFish Cat Food utilizes fresh, preservative-free ingredients that add even better quality to this excellent food for felines. All ingredients are sourced in Canada.  Orijin pet foods are pricey, but the quality can’t be beat.

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