Review: Orijen Six Fish Biologically Appropriate Dog Food



Readers of this website are familiar with my problems with our Weimaraner and his food allergies, or sensitivities.  Gator’s problems grew over the years from his not being able to eat beef to lamb to corn or grains; even chicken became a problem.  Our veterinarian once told me that if Gator lives long enough, we will eventually run out of food options, because his food sensitivities will worsen with age.

Yesterday, our shipment of Orijen arrived, and our big Weimaraner wolfed it down. We have hopes that our dog will be able to tolerate this excellent food.  That said, it seems like the perfect time to review Orijen’s Six Fish Biologically Appropriate Dog Food.

Orijen’s pet foods are manufactured by Champion Foods in Alberta, Canada.  A new U.S. plant is under construction in Kentucky.  There are many positives to like about this company, but what I like most are the steps Champion takes to ensure quality is maintained.  They do not outsource ingredients.  All poultry is raised cage-free and along with other meats, come from local ranches and farms.  Orijen has never experienced a recall.  It doesn’t get any better than this.

The Six Fish Biologically-Appropriate dog food that we bought for Gator is a really top-notch product.  I won’t lie to you:  It’s pricey! But this food contains 38% protein and the first 10 ingredients are premium fish sources.


Check out the ingredients.  The first 9 are fish! What dog wouldn’t love this food!  Salmon oil and herring oil are excellent fat sources. The vegetables and fruits that follow make this a well-balanced diet for a dog. I like the fact that this food uses all natural herbs and flowers to provide the vitamins and minerals needed.

There is only one ingredient in this food that I would get rid of:  The canola oil.  But it is far enough down the list that I won’t let it bother me.

If your budget can handle it, I highly recommend this or any of the Orijen products.  Meanwhile, I’ll keep you posted on how Gator fares on this very excellent dog food.






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