Review: Orijen Senior Dog Food

February 4, 2014

Orijen’s website describes this food as “brimming with goodness to support lean muscle mass, with calories delivered to support the peak health of more sedentary dogs.”  A dog food that could live up to that marketing hype is indeed a good one for older dogs.  This Canadian made dog food delivers!

Ingredients for the best senior dog food

The first thing I noticed were the seven named meats that begin the ingredients list.  Orijen is the first commercial pet food I’ve run into that offers such a strong beginning.  Those are followed by eggs, another good source of protein, and then more forms of protein in the fish sources, chicken heart and cartilage and more fish.

Looking down the list, I am impressed by the lack of carbohydrates!  After all, dogs can easily get healthy carbs from the vegetables in the food.  This food boasts that it contains less than half the carbohydrates found in conventional dog foods.

Orijen made this senior food with 80% meat and features what it calls “a biologically appropriate” protein level of 38% to nourish your senior dog according to his anatomical requirements.

The fats in this food are naturally occurring, non-rendered fats from poultry, fish and eggs.

While I’m sure that Orijen Senior Dog Food would perform well for many senior dogs.  I believe Gator might find it a bit much for his digestive system, but I’d certainly be willing to try it.  There is no question that a dog would love this food!  Should you decide to try Orijen, be sure to introduce it slowly to your dog, mixing it in with the old food in gradually increasing amounts to avoid tummy issues.

You can find this food in better pet stores across the United States.  Orijen is an outstanding dog food and as such, it is pricey.  But if it is in your budget, I’d say go for it!

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