Review: Orijen Cat & Kitten

Orijen is known for healthy pet food, but it is pricey!  Expect to pay a bit more for really top-notch cat food, but this one is worth what they charge!

Orijen Cat & Kitten is made from all natural, fresh ingredients delivered daily to the company’s facility.  These ingredients are sustainably raised or fished within their region in Canada.  Plus, the ingredients are of such high-quality and source that there isn’t a need for synthetic additions to the food.  For example, the high protein level from the many fresh meats included, mean that there is plenty of natural taurine for kitty and there is no need to add synthetic taurine, as do many other commercial cat foods.
Cats thrive on a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates, and Orijen delivers with this food!  The ingredients list begins with 3 high-quality meats, followed by fresh, preservative-free herring.  Then we see turkey and turkey meal and turkey liver, all good options.  After eggs, there is more protein with 2 fish options, 2 chicken options and even more fish.  All of those meats and fish are preservative-free!
With the inclusion of healthy vitamins and supplements, this is a wonderful cat food.   Cats need a diet high in protein to be at their best and this food provides that in spades with 42% protein.
It’s good to know that all ingredients can be traced to those local sources, and there is no chance of any Chinese-made products included.
If you can afford to feed your cat this food, it will be an excellent decision.

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