Review of IAMS ProActive Health Mini Chunks Dog Food

September 20, 2012

The very attractive package for this product shows a great-looking, mixed-breed dog on the front.  The dog appears to be in motion.  Further down on the front of the package is more advertising of the ingredients:  “Chicken for Strong Muscles,” “tailored fiber blend, pre-biotics and beet pulp for Healthy Digestion,”  “7 essential nutrients for a Health Heart,” and “omega-6’s for Healthy Coat.”

Sounds good, right?  Then I looked at the ingredients list.

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Chicken is a good beginning, but they ruin it with the next three ingredients.  Corn in any form does not belong in healthy pet food.  It is a cheap substitute for meat.  While it certainly helps the pet food manufacturer save money, many dogs are allergic to corn and suffer digestive ailments and skin rashes and loss of fur.  Sorghum is just a useless filler.

The fourth ingredient, chicken by-product meal, should never be included in pet food.  Any kind of by-product is a result of the rendering industry.  Read about the rendering industry and how it contributes to the pet food industry.  By-products contain all manner of nasty ingredients – from super-market waste, to rancid restaurant grease, to road-kill.  Sure, they may include waste from slaughter houses, but that doesn’t make up for the other detritus that go into the rendering vats.

I have no problem with the remaining ingredients on the list, but I do have one question:  Where’s the meat?  A healthy dog food really should have 2 quality meats listed in the first 4 ingredients.

This IAMS product does contain antioxidants, vitamins, fiber,  and minerals.  However, the presence of  the corn and by-products negates the good, in my opinion.


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