Review of Friskies Crispies™ Chicken Flavor Puffs

August 17, 2012

Ever notice how appealing those pet food ads appear?  The food on the cover is so appetizing!  Sometimes, I wonder if the manufacturers create those, so consumers won’t actually read the labels.  At least in the case of some foods, that would be smart advertising….which leads me to my thoughts about Friskies Crispies™ Chicken Flavor Puffs.

When you buy treats for your kitty, look for the same good and bad ingredients as with any regular pet food.  There’s no reason to risk Fluffy gaining weight or becoming ill from unhealthy treats.

ingredients in Friskeis Crispies Treats

(Click on ingredients list to enlarge)

This slightly crunch Friskies cat treat  includes enough bad ingredients to classify it among the worst cat treats on the market, in my opinion.  Beginning with Brewer’s rice on the ingredients list tells us that the #1 main ingredient is useless junk.  Brewer’s rice does not meet kitty’s nutritional needs.  The second ingredient, chicken meal, is fine.

Moving on, we see corn gluten meal, which is often used in place of higher-quality protein sources in pet food.  Many animals are allergic to corn products.

Animal fat is the result of the rendering process.  This is what’s left over after rendering.  There is no way to know what went into that rendering vat or the condition of the animals rendered.  Animal fat is also called tallow.  It’s not considered safe for human consumption but it’s legal to use it in pet food.

This cat treat includes artificial flavors and chemical preservatives.  BHT and BHA are both potential carcinogens and banned in many countries.

There are many healthier commercial cat treats available, and I recommend that you keep shopping.  Go here for more information on what a cat needs to thrive.

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randy June 24, 2014 at 3:30 pm

Can someone please tell me why the stores on Staten Island are not carrying Friskies Chicken Flavor Puffs? Are they off the market?


Carol North June 24, 2014 at 4:26 pm

I just checked the Friskies site online and 3 types of puff treats are offered. But I have to ask, Randy, why would you choose this treat for your cat? The first ingredient – Brewer’s Rice – is a waste product from the beer brewing industry. Chicken meal, while high in protein, isn’t real meat. Then you have corn gluten meal, and many animals develop allergies from that. Animal fat and animal liver flavor follow – both of which come from the rendering process. Because they don’t name a specific animal, there is no telling what’s in those ingredients. Then it gets worse: Added color means chemicals; BHT and BHA are chemical preservatives and all 3 have been linked to cancer. But you didn’t ask my opinion about this cat treat. So if you are still intent on feeding it to your pet, ask your retailer what happened. Could be that other pet owners got smart and stopped buying it.


randy June 25, 2014 at 4:14 pm

Thanks for your reply, Can you name a good Cat Treat that you use.
Thank again Carol North.


Carol North June 25, 2014 at 5:56 pm

Randy, I really try not to play favorites on this site and usually send a private reply when someone needs a specific brand. However, I’m going to make an exception here because I will soon be posting a review of a new treat. But I will tell you in advance, I have a built-in bias. I sit on the advisory board of PureZa for Life. Their new Healthy Gourmet Pet Treats are fantastic! I will post links here in a few days for these products because anyone who buys from this link – – will be helping the mission of a non-profit I support (Seniors for Pets) that assists needy Florida seniors pay for basic vet care for their pets. Ok, now that the business part is out of the way. I like these treats because the ingredients begin with a high-quality freeze-dried meat. Then there will be a vegetable or two or maybe a fruit. The last ingredient in all the treats is Min-Lytes, a blend of trace minerals and electrolytes that contain exactly what a pet needs. There is nothing more! That’s my first choice and what I give my own 2 cats. (Their dog treats are just as good!) And I can honestly say that I would never be associated with a company whose products didn’t measure up.

Otherwise, I suggest you take a list with you of what you want and don’t want in a cat treat when you shop. Read the ingredients list and buy accordingly. Treats do not have to be a complete and balanced meal but they should contain ONLY healthy ingredients. Look on the BARKS & MEOWS page (across the top) on this website, and read exactly what you want to buy and not buy. There are several brands in pet stores that will work just fine. The thing with cats is that you may have a trial and error period because they are so darned picky. Years ago, my cats were given 2 grocery store brands of treats (One was under Whiskers label; forget the other). Once I had studied enough animal nutrition to realize what I was doing to my pets, I took those away and began trying healthier options. It wasn’t easy. Just like we humans might choose potato chips or corn chips over some righteously healthy cracker, cats like their junk food. It took awhile but both cats are better now about eating the healthier options. I just won’t give them the bad food or treats anymore. One of my cats absolutely loves the Healthy Gourmet Cat Treats mentioned above. The other one tries to steal the dog treats – same brand. I did ask the founder of the company and there is nothing in the dog treats that can hurt them, so I don’t worry about it.

If you have a dog, I can recommend several brands of healthy dog treats, beginning with Healthy Gourmet Dog Treats. I also like dog treats by Clear Conscience Pets. You won’t go wrong with either one.

Hope this helps. Carol


randy June 25, 2014 at 6:29 pm

Thanks for getting back to me. I will try the new treats.

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