Review: Newman’s Own Organics Adult Dry Dog Food

A healthy dog food optionBeing a fan of the late actor, Paul Newman, I recall being intrigued when I first read about his family’s involvement in the pet food industry.  I had been using their salad dressings and spaghetti sauce for years and looked forward to trying the Newman’s Own Organics® dog foods.  I wasn’t disappointed.

This review covers the Adult Dog Chicken & Rice Formula for dogs of all ages.  Newman’s Own Organics® uses only natural, human grade chicken that is free of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and chemical additives in their foods.

Any grains used are organic, and the foods include extra antibiotics and chelated minerals.  Probiotics aid digestion.

Healthy pet food for your dog!

Reviewing a pet food like this one is easy and pleasant.  Yet sometimes you run out of good things to say about a product.

The first ingredient is chicken and because we know the company only uses fresh chicken, we know this is a good protein source.  It is followed by oats and peas, both organic.  Then chicken meal is added for extra protein.

Reading on down the list, the only item I would leave out is the soybean meal.  Dogs don’t digest soy products easily.  Otherwise, this is an excellent dog food

This company has a history of creating healthy food for humans, so it is only natural that they should take it a step further and provide safe, healthy, organic pet food for dogs and cats.

2 thoughts on “Review: Newman’s Own Organics Adult Dry Dog Food

  1. Barb Jones

    Stumbled upon this website as I an looking for a dry dog food that is really good. We have a BLUE HEALER and he has the worst case of gas every day. Looking for a good dry dog food to help him.

    1. Carol North Post author

      Barb, I have a little bulldog and I feel your pain. Doggy gas is a tough one. I cannot recommend a specific food that works for this problem. It has been a trial and error situation at my house. I do believe that a grain-free food is the place to begin. Various grains can cause gas. Our Maggie is currently eating Orijen grain-free with fish and it seems to be taking care of the problem. But you have to find that works best for your pet. Good luck!


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