Review: Natural Life Nutritional Pet Products: Adult Lamaderm Formula

Our Weimaraner has struggled for many years with skin issues, and we tried and discarded many different commercial dog foods.  One food that did work for him was the Adult Lamaderm Formula from Natural Life.  His English Bulldog companion also did well on the food before we switched her to Petbrosia.

Natural Life products are found in grocery chains, mass market retailers, pet specialty stores, natural food stores and some veterinary clinics.

  Healthy Dog Food
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This product contains a lot of healthy ingredients.  The first is lamb meal, which is an ok choice because it is very high in protein.  Of course, fresh lamb meat would have been preferable but this meal option is acceptable.  As grains go, the ground brown rice and oatmeal are good carbohydrate choices.  The ground grain sorghum is nothing more than a cereal filler and really has no place in this food.

Poultry fat is rendered.  Why couldn’t they use chicken fat instead of the generic version, which could include anything and everything.  Flax seed provides Omega-3 fatty acids and is a healthy option.

There are no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors and no by-products in the food, and the company’s website states that their manufacturing plant is a “certified organic facility.”  The lamb used in the food comes from New Zealand or Australia.

I learned something new from Dog Food Advisor:  Linseed meal is a by-product comes from linseed and is what remains after extracting all the oil from linseed.  Linseed is another name for flax seed. (  That website provides an extensive breakdown of the ingredients, should you care to learn more.

As long as you keep in mind that some dogs are allergic to – or develop an allergy to lamb, I would recommend this product as an affordable option for a dog that needs help with food sensitivities.  There are certainly higher-quality products on the market for this purpose but not all are price conscious.

One thought on “Review: Natural Life Nutritional Pet Products: Adult Lamaderm Formula

  1. Tim Curtis

    LAMADERM adult dry dog food is outstanding and has received little publicity for its high quality ingredients. Produced with all organic ingredients including chelated minerals, and high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, this dog food is especially great for dogs with grain allergies.
    I was extremely loyal to Purina One for many years, (and it remains a quality dog food), but I find LAMADERM to have better ingredients and a higher percentage of quality meat protein. The extra bonus is that LAMADERM even costs less. Our poodles love the taste and their skin and coats are healthier!
    Bravo! Good product!


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