Review: Natural Balance® Alpha® Chicken, Turkey Meal & Duck Dry Dog Formula

NAT.BAL.CHICK.TURK.DUCK.DOGNatural Balance® created an interesting grain-free food with several proteins and fruits and vegetables.  They consider it to be perfect for all breeds, from puppies to adult dogs.

This food uses potatoes and sweet potatoes as the carbohydrate sources, which would be fine except for the placement of a carbohydrate as the second weightiest item on the list.

The protein count in the product is average, which is fine for most dogs.  Chicken as the first ingredient is a good source of protein, and chicken meal is also strong.  Garbanzo beans add even more protein, as well as fiber, to the food, and that isn’t often found on pet food ingredient lists.  The other two protein sources, turkey meal and duck, are further down the list, meaning there isn’t so much of them in the food.

Healthy fats, vegetables, fruits and good vitamins round out an overall excellent lineup of ingredients. Prebiotics aid digestion.

As long as your pet is not allergic to any of the ingredients, this Natural Balance product is an excellent pet food.   I would certainly feed this product to Maggie, my bulldog.

2 thoughts on “Review: Natural Balance® Alpha® Chicken, Turkey Meal & Duck Dry Dog Formula

  1. Marie Wox

    Have you tried potato flavor for your pet? If yes does he likes it…….i’m thinking to change the flavor a bit, but afraid that the pet may not like

    1. Carol North Post author

      4-Health works for many pet owners. However, it is made by Diamond Foods and some consumers remember their history in the 2007 melamine in pet food scare too well to want to buy their products. Each pet owner has to decide for him or herself what food is best.


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