Review: N & D Grain-Free Feline Chicken & Pomegranate Adult Food

October 3, 2017

Healthy & tasty cat food logoOne day when I was shopping in my nearby holistic pet store, a clerk asked if I wanted to try a sample pack of a newer line of dry cat food they carried.  I often examine new products because my own two cats are as picky as felines can be and also because I’m always on the look-out for new products to review on this site.

Hint:  Pet stores receive free sample packages of dog and cat food from their distributors, and I assume the intention by the manufacturer is for the retail store to give them out to consumers in hopes of bringing in new buyers, although, I know of at least 2 cases where the pet store staff was taking those samples home for their own animals instead of offering them to customers. When you shop at a local pet store, always ask for samples of a dog or cat food you would like to try. If they don’t have samples and you know the store does carry the brand, ask them nicely to order some samples and call you. It doesn’t cost them a dime.  A smaller retail store should be happy to do that. Big box retailers may or may not offer such samples to customers. When I created and ran a local pet store, we kept a small container of samples of certain types of food near the checkout counter and encouraged customers to take one. This is good PR for the store, but it’s also good for pet owners who would like to try their cat or dog on a new food but don’t want to be stuck with 3/4 of an open bag if the animal refuses it.

The new product sample I took home was received excitedly by my two picky felines. I gave them a couple of pieces of the kibble as treats, and Lucy and Chico both gobbled it up. Since they had recently refused to eat their current dry cat food, I returned to Holistic for Pets the next day to purchase a bag of N & D Grain-Free Feline Chicken and Pomegranate Adult Cat Food to go along with the wet food they also eat.

This food is manufactured by Farmina Pet Foods, an English company specializing in food research and formulation. What began as a collaboration between Farmina and the Russo Mangimi Company in 1999 to develop foods based on scientific studies on the well-being of pets, is now a large company creating healthy pet foods sold in many countries of the world.

According to their website, Farmina’s mission is to develop the best all-natural, nutritious and scientifically validated food that both cats and dogs will love. If you ask my cats, they have succeeded!

Farmina’s N & D Grain-Free Chicken recipes are formulated to meet the standards of AAFCO profiles for all life stages, meaning any age cat or kitten can safely eat this product. Under their guaranteed analysis, it shows there is 44% crude protein in this product, which is a high amount of protein for commercial cat foods, and the amount of protein from animal sources is 97%, also very high.  The company advertises their food as consisting of 70% premium animal ingredients, 30% fruits, minerals and vegetables, and 0% cereals.

healthy cat food

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Note that there are no artificial preservatives in this food: Only natural antioxidants using tocopheral-rich extracts as a natural preservative are used.  The food is also completely free of genetically modified ingredients! Human-grade regional ingredients are used with no meals or by-products.  There is also a low glycemic index and the company uses only cruelty-free testing of their products.  All-in-all, I am very pleased with this dry cat food and so are Lucy and Chico.

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