Review: Meow Mix® Pate Topper™ with Real Tuna Topped with Flaked Tuna & Whole Shrimp

February 11, 2014


Meow Mix® is manufactured by Delmonte Foods, well-known for human food production.  The Pate Toppers come in several flavors to please a cat’s taste buds.


INGRED.MEOWMIX.PATE.TOPPERS.TUNA(Click on image to enlarge)

This product’s ingredients list begins with several good seafood protein sources and then spoils it with tuna by-product and artificial colors and salt.  Salt in itself isn’t bad, but cats don’t need it added to their diets.

Tuna by-product consists of the parts of the tuna that would not be considered good meat.  These remaining parts are rendered and become tuna by-products for a cheap protein source for manufacturers.  One has to wonder what else is going into that rendering vat, besides low-quality fish parts

Artificial colors are used to make the product attractive to humans.  Cats really don’t care what it looks like as long as it tastes and smells the way they like.  Titanium dioxide is an artificial coloring used as a white pigment and it has the potential to cause cancer.  Definitely not for my kitties!

Further down the list is sodium nitrite, used to help retain color.  This also has the potential to be highly carcinogenic.  Why take the chance?

Those of us who are owned by cats know that cats tend to be attracted to junk foods.  My Lucy and Chico recently decided that they will not touch canned food unless it is what I refer to as junk.  The best I can do is to give them a healthier option and top it with a small amount of their preferred Fancy Feast.   The topping grows smaller and smaller each week and soon, I hope to have them completely weaned off of it.  But it isn’t easy and is a very slow process.  Do what you have to do to convince your pet to eat as healthy a diet as your budget will allow.  Don’t be frustrated if the process takes longer than you planned.

The seafood flavor of this cat food should appeal to many felines, and it is certainly affordable.  While it isn’t a premium canned cat food, it isn’t the worst on the market.







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