Review: Innova Dry Cat Food

Innova Dry Cat FoodInnova has long been thought of as an excellent natural food for cats and dogs.  But recently, the company was caught up in one of the many recalls due to possible Salmonella contamination in the manufacturing facility.  Hopefully, these sanitation issues have been cured, because the ingredients in Innova Dry Cat Food are just what a kitty should eat.

Innova Dry Cat Food

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The list begins with three strong protein sources, followed by a couple of good carbohydrates.  Chicken fat is an acceptable choice.  The remaining items on the ingredient list are healthy, natural and good for Fluffy.

This cat food is full of nutritional goodies!  It is formulated for all life stages, so even kittens or senior cats are supposed to be able to eat it.  They have included options from five food groups and have created a very good cat food.

Let’s hope all the manufacturing problems are in the past, so that the public will feel comfortable buying Innova again.  Usually after a recall and subsequent clean-up, that facility will be the cleanest and safest anywhere.  I would feel very comfortable feeding this cat food to my pets.

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