Review: Iams® Sensitive Naturals™ Ocean Fish & Rice Recipe

April 22, 2014

Iams Dog FoodMy ever-positive husband often brings home bags of new dog foods he finds on store shelves.  He is hopeful of finding a really good one at a normal price for those of us who cannot afford holistic, organic pet food and must stick to a budget.  Some of these foods are consumed by our dogs or friends’ dogs and some go to shelters.  This time, Jim found a new food that sounded good on the front of the package and the price was right.

Iams® Sensitive Naturals™ comes in several flavors with ingredients directed at various issues.  This review takes on the Ocean Fish & Rice Recipe.

 Dog Food Ingredients


I haven’t been a fan of Iams products for many years, but this new line gave me hope.  No, it isn’t perfect, but let’s break it down.  The food begins with a named fish, a strong source of quality protein.

The next two ingredients are not so good, primarily because of their placement on the list.  Brewer’s rice comes from the beer brewing process and is a waste product with no nutritional value.  Ground whole grain sorghum is difficult for dogs to digest and would not be my choice for the third largest ingredient in the food.  Had either of these ingredients been further down the list, I might could have ignored them, but they just carry too much weight where they are.

Fish meal is another questionable item.  Had it been a named fish meal, such as ocean fish meal or Menhaden fish meal, it would have been fine.  Plain old fish meal could contain any part of any fish.

The next few ingredients look good…until you get to dried beet pulp  But I won’t get picky about that, since it is way down the list and, therefore, is small in the amount used.

Fish digest, like its counterpart animal digest, is crap.  Literally!  No pet should have to eat that.

I won’t complain about the rest of the ingredients and antioxidants and prebiotics for digestive health.  Those are very nice inclusions.

Overall, I’ve seen worse dog foods, but I’ve also seen better!

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