Review: Healthy Gourmet Treats™ by PureZa for Life™

July 18, 2014

Healthy Gourmet Treats

Healthy Gourmet Treats


PureZa for Life™  is committed to producing healthy pet products.  Their Healthy Gourmet Treats™ for dogs and cats are certainly a testament to that goal, and this will be the easiest review I’ve written.

I first became involved with this company when I was invited to be on their Advisory Board and write their blog.  The more I learned, the better I liked the plans for this company.  Recently, I decided to sell the products to raise funds for Seniors for Pets, a Florida-based non-profit that helps needy senior citizens pay for basic veterinary care for their pets.

In the future, the company plans to produce an equine line of premium products and other pet wellness items.  These are ambitious plans for a business whose founders are fulfilling a life’s passion. Tori Sturz has been an advocate for animals her entire life and her husband Gregg’s years of experience in direct marketing in human healthcare created the perfect partnership for the couple to offer the highest quality pet products and be able to help pet-related charities at the same time.  A portion of every sale will be donated to an animal-related charity.  They support shelters, service dogs for soldiers and hearing and vision-impaired, and more.

Gregg Sturz adds, “Nutrition is the foundation for good health for people and pets, and more pet owners are becoming aware of contamination problems in commercial pet foods and with foods coming in from other countries.” PureZa for Life is the solution to both.

Healthy Gourmet Treats™ by PureZa for Life™ are a unique offering to the commercial pet treats market, in part, because they include Min-Lytes™.  Minerals, in general, are necessary components of an animal’s diet, playing a major role in pet nutrition. They are essential for completion of certain processes to function in the body.  Min-Lytes™ combine a special blend of trace minerals with electrolytes to create a perfect combination to benefit dogs and cats.

Another thing I like about the PureZa for Life treats is the absence of unnecessary ingredients. There are no grains in these treats, no fillers, no chemicals, colors, flavors or preservatives! It’s the best of all worlds for pet treats.
Healthy Gourmet Treats™ all begin with a high-quality, freeze-dried meat and will also include a vegetable or two and/or fruit. Min-Lytes™ round out the ingredients. That’s it! Good stuff for dogs and cats!  Below is a list showing the ingredients in the 3 available varieties of dog treats.

Click to Enlarge

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A review of these top-notch treats doesn’t take long because of the small number of ingredients and the fact that they are so much better than many commercial dog and cat treats you can buy.

PureZa for Life™ is a new company with a big future ahead. They will soon launch their Kitchen Fresh Homemades, a pre-mixed product to which you add just water and bake, providing your dog or cat with homemade treats baked fresh in your own kitchen.


Chewy Loved His Healthy Gourmet Treats!

Chewy Loved His Healthy Gourmet Treats!


Those will be followed by other interesting products, some of which will address certain health issues in pets. There will even be a multi-vitamin supplement.

The Healthy Gourmet Treats™ may be ordered directly from this link or click on the link in the ad on the right sidebar of any page on this site. All sales of their products will benefit animal-related, non-profit groups through the company’s “pay it forward” program. You can read more about that using the same link.

I would also like to add that purchases of the Healthy Gourmet Treats™ using our link will benefit the mission of Seniors for Pets.   This is a cause near and dear to my heart, but I would not recommend this or any product, if I didn’t believe wholeheartedly in the quality and health benefits offered to our pets.  If you want a truly healthy and tasty treat for your dog, visit site here and order straight from their website.



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