Review: Halo Purely for Pets Spots Stew

Halo, Purely for Pets, a natural pet food company which comedienne Ellen Degeneres co-owns, makes darned good dog and cat food!  They use real meat, all the vitamins and minerals you could want, and no artificial garbage in their products.

Halo’s Spot’s Stew® is billed on the website as easily digestible and a homestyle recipe with easy to recognize and understand ingredients.

Halo Spots Stew
This is a good-looking list of ingredients for dog food.  Beginning with fresh chicken and followed by a long string of goodies, there is nothing in this food that I wouldn’t want my dogs to eat.  Chicken is followed by egg, giving the food 2 high-quality protein sources right at the beginning where they carry the most weight.  Farther down the list are chicken liver and salmon, adding even more protein to the food.  I like the addition of so many vegetables and fruits in the product.

Notice that there are no by-products, nothing rendered in this food.  There are tons of veggies and fruits and only natural preservatives.

You can find Halo Pet Products at Pet Smart and other good retailers.

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