Review: Grain-Free Avoderm Natural® Salmon Meal & Potato Formula Dog Food

April 23, 2015

Does your dog seem to be allergic to what he eats?  Does he do well on a certain food but after a few weeks or months, he breaks out in hives?  We share our lives with such a fur boy, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to find food that actually works for him.  Years ago, our veterinarian warned us that this would happen and one day there would be nothing that worked.  I fear that day is coming soon.  We continue to try new foods as a new breakout appears and it may work for awhile but invariably, some ingredient in the food triggers another breakout of hives.

Jim just bought a bag of Grain-Free Avoderm Natural® Salmon Meal and Potato formula dog food to try on Gator.  This food is full of novel ingredients – ones that Gator has not eaten before, and that gives me hope.  Avoderm was created to address certain pet skin conditions, and we are hoping that will include Gator’s issues.

 Avoderm Grain-Free Natural® Ingred.


I wish the peas were further down the ingredients list, but it does contain some protein, as well as carbohydrates.  The salmon meal is high in protein and good for dogs with skin problems.  Then we see more carbs with the potatoes and pea flour.

I used to believe that canola oil was a good option for humans and pets.  However, the more I learn about genetically modified products, the less I like canola oil.  (See my article on this subject at

Too many chemicals and too much processing go into the making of this oil.

The next few ingredients are fine, but then we come to alfalfa meal.  This is a perennial plant that comes from the pea family.  Dried alfalfa contains 14-22% protein and that’s good.  It contains 15-30% crude fiber, and most of the fiber is insoluble.

According to Dr. Karen Becker, alfalfa is not good for pets because it is a plant protein.  Dogs need animal proteins to thrive.  Like soy, alfalfa contains plant estrogens that disrupt the endocrine system.

The alfalfa meal isn’t high on the list, so it should not be a problem.

I don’t have any problem with the remaining ingredients and even with the issues I dislike, we will try this bag of Avoderm on Gator and see if he tolerates it.  Because we have tried so many different foods and so many food trials on this dog that eventually stop working for him, I’m now willing to try most any food his body will tolerate.

Overall, this Avoderm food is ok.  The company has an excellent reputation for producing quality products that help skin issues in dogs.

Avoderm Grain-Free Natural® Salmon Meal and Potato Formula dog food has lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support a dog’s immune system.  It does not contain any corn or wheat and is rich in high quality fats and oils to give a balanced ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. The food is designed to enhance a dog’s coat and skin.  I’m willing to try it with Gator and will keep you posted.


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