Review: Fussie Cat® Tuna with Salmon Formula in Aspic

October 26, 2014

Cat FoodLast week, my husband was in a holistic pet store and after conversation with the clerk, he purchased several cans of Fussie Cat® Tuna with Salmon Formula In Aspic. That’s a big name for a little can of cat food, but the ingredients are interesting.

We have tried for several years to convince our kitties to eat a better canned food and settled for a time on another very good brand. But they have both stopped eating it, thus, the search for something that might appeal to their picky palates. It’s easy to please them with what I call junk food. The cheaper the brand and the more yucky the ingredients, the better they would like it. But I refuse to encourage that kind of thinking, so I keep trying to find healthier options for them.

On the surface, this food looks great.

Cat Food

There are 2 real meats in the first four ingredients, always a good beginning. Tuna and salmon are usually big cat pleasers. While there is nothing really horrible about carrageenan and guar gum, I would have preferred to see vegetables or fruits in their places. I’ll be posting an article about carrageenan soon on this blog and you will see why I don’t love it as a pet food ingredient.

The remaining ingredients are a mix of vitamins, minerals. It is grain-free, which is really good, since cats are true carnivores and don’t need grains in their diets.

One big concern for me is the source. Fussie Cat® is manufactured in Thailand. The website assures us that quality control is very important to them, that “Fussie Cat is produced in a FDA-registered manufacturing facility in Thailand that also produces canned food for human consumption.”

They emphasize that inspections and examinations begin at the top on all ingredients, raw materials received, production process to finished product. That includes pest control, food safety, heavy metal, pathogens, contamination, and pesticides.

The information continues with “The same manufacturing process for producing canned human food is applied to the manufacturing process of Fussie Cat® to ensure we deliver you a high quality product with stringent quality control that exceeds the international standard.”

The website says all the right things and my cats appear to love the food, but I am reserving judgment. The price isn’t bad and the ingredients are ok. But I won’t purchase canned (or frozen) foods for my human family that are made in the Orient, and I’m not comfortable doing so for my pets. If you can accept the fact that this food is manufactured in Thailand, then you might want to consider it for your feline friends.


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