Review: Fromm Family Foods Dog Foods

October 8, 2012

If there is such a thing as a perfect commercial dog food, Fromm Family Foods products would get my vote!  All of the company’s pet foods are made with healthy ingredients.  They contain no corn, no by-products, which makes them sterling in my book.


The first ingredient is always a named meat:  chicken, beef, duck, fish, etc.  The second ingredient is always a named protein meal, such as menhaden fish meal, chicken meal or duck meal.  With such a good beginning, you have reason to get excited about the rest of the list.

In each product, you’ll find lots of vegetables and fresh Wisconsin cheese.  Some of the foods even contain fruits.  All include plenty of vitamins and natural flavorings.  There are no chemicals in Fromm’s Foods.

Fromm Adult Gold is even better!  Advertised as suitable for normally active adult dogs, Gold is full of the usual good ingredients.  But this food adds more fresh meat and more probiotics.  I was impressed to find that the Gold ingredients list begins with fresh duck, chicken meal, and fresh chicken.  Further down the list is fresh lamb.  What more could a puppy ask!


I wish I could afford to feed any of the Fromm dog foods to Gator and Maggie, but price is the hang-up for me.  If you own a smaller dog than mine – or if the cost isn’t a concern – Fromm Family Pet Foods are the way to go for a healthier pet.

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Gini C. Hyman March 10, 2013 at 12:14 am

I totally agree! I feed Fromm to both my dog, Annie and my 3 cats. They do have sales at specialty pet food stores and coupons on their website and FB page also.


admin March 10, 2013 at 10:22 am

I need to start looking for those sales, Gini. Thanks for the information.


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