Review: Eukanuba® Adult Sensitive Stomach Formula Cat Food

February 11, 2014

The Eukanuba® website says this food is “recommended for adult cats that experience occasional stomach and digestive issues.”  It goes on to say that this product is “the only sensitive stomach cat diet formulated with real meat as its first protein  source, not vegetable protein.”

As far as I’m concerned, the ingredients of this food are more likely to cause stomach problems, rather than help them.  I would not want my cats to eat this food and here is why:


The first ingredient is chicken, a nice beginning. But that is spoiled with the addition of chicken by-product meal.  No self-respecting animal wants by-products in any form!

A food designed for cats with stomach problems surprised me with the inclusion of two corn sources that come next on the ingredients list.  Cats often have trouble digesting plant proteins and are sometimes allergic to corn.  How does that help a sensitive tummy?

Lamb is a fine idea, but Brewer’s rice is just a useless filler.  Proponents of plant proteins will argue that Brewer’s rice contains similar properties as corn, but I disagree that this would be a good reference.

Animal fat is nasty, even if it is preserved naturally.  Cats like it because its purpose is to make the food taste palatable to them.  But animal fat is a result from the rendering industry and who knows what might be included.  It could even be fat from the remains of euthanized pets that the rendering trucks picked up from veterinary clinics.  You just don’t know!

Most of the remaining ingredients are ok.  However, Brewer’s dried yeast, which is used in pet food for flavor, can cause allergies and can even become toxic to the liver over time.  Better to avoid it entirely, if possible.






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