Review: Comparing 4 Popular Cat Treats

March 8, 2017

We are owned by Lucy and Chico, both Siamese-mix kitties, who are only fed healthy cat treats. Yes, we spoil our fur babies with treats! But it took several years to find healthy options that appealed to our picky duo.

Cats are notoriously difficult to please. Like many humans, they prefer junk food. We know that could harm their health and shorten their lives, so it’s up to us to provide healthy alternatives. Let’s look at 3 popular cat treat brands and see how they stack up.

Fancy Feast Duos
Cheddar and Crab Souffle Flavors

cat treats

Choose healthy cat treats

This treat starts out bad and just gets worse. The product begins with a waste product from the beer brewing industry. That means the ingredient with the most weight in the treat is not healthy. Then we see chicken by-product meal. Regular readers on this site know by now how I feel about any kind of by-product. By-products are absolute no-no’s for any kind of pet food! Here is why. From by-products, we move to corn gluten meal. Too many cats are sensitive to corn-based ingredients, making any such inclusion in cat food suspect.

Glycerin is often used as a preservative in pet food. I don’t like it for my own cats. Anthony Bennie, co-founder of Clear Conscience Pet, explains why it isn’t good for yours.

Cheese powder is flavoring – no substance, mainly for show. Then we see animal digest, which is as bad as it sounds since it is the digested part of who knows what animals. Wheat starch is a poor carbohydrate choice, and wheat is often linked to allergies in pets.

Further down, we get to the color. “Added color” could be anything. Specifically named colors, such as red 40 or yellow 6, which are potentially carcinogenic, just pour chemicals into our pets. BHA is considered carninogenic. BHT is also a carcinogen that causes kidney and liver damage in rats. Both are chemicals that are added to oils to be used as preservatives in pet food.

Fancy Feast® products are part of Purina. The reviews I found on the website were glowing, citing how much their kitties loved the treats. Of course they did, since it’s junk food. It’s up to you to provide a healthy cat treat as an alternative.

Blue Kitty Yums

cat treats

If you trust Blue Buffalo products, this isn’t a horrible cat treat. It wouldn’t be my choice because of a few ingredients and because I don’t feel comfortable with this company.

healthy cat treats

It begins well with chicken. I’m not thrilled with brown rice as the second weightiest ingredient but it could be worse. Maple syrup does not belong in any kind of pet food. Then they make it worse with vegetable glycerin. (See a link above to learn about that ingredient). I question the need for potatoes as a carbohydrate when they have already added a large amount of brown rice. Salt is unnecessary and not good for pets, and then they include fish oil which could contain ethoxyquin, a bad chemical. A named fish oil would be a much better option (think Menhaden Fish Oil). That would tell us it is free of ethoxyquin. As I said, this isn’t the worst treat on the market but it surely is far from the best.

Meow Mix Irresistables® Soft with Salmon

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Not healthy cat treats

This is one poor-quality cat treat! It begins with chicken and that’s a good thing. The second weightiest ingredient is a carbohydrate, and that is followed by animal digest which was described earlier in this article. They make it worse by adding a by-product next. Further down the list, we see glycerin, also discussed above. Finally, we see the salmon that was listed in the title. Unfortunately, it’s far enough down the ingredients’ list that there can’t be much of it in these treats. Animal fat that clearly lists BHA, a carcinogen, as a preservative could be most anything since it is not a named specie. They used fish meal and say it is preserved with ethoxyquin, a known carcinogen. Pet owners today know not to feed their cats a food containing known trouble. Moving on, there is salt and known chemical colors and more BHA.

This is not a treat I would ever want my fur babies to eat!

Wellness Kittles Crunchy Natural Grain-Free Cat Treats

healthy cat treats

healthy cat treats

There isn’t much to say about this Wellness® cat treat. Any self-respecting kitty would be thrilled to eat this one! It begins with a named fish and that is followed by a list of healthy ingredients.

After reading the ingredients of all these well-known cat treats, which one would you choose?

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