Review: California Natural Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Formula Senior Dry Dog Food

July 2, 2014

Senior dogs can be difficult to feed. The issues they face, such as a weakening immune system or weakening joints and slower mobility, create appetite problems. Sometimes, it sees they are just picky because they want to be. Finding a dog food that addresses all of their problems isn’t easy. California Natural uses a limited number of key ingredients in this particular product to keep it simple and address what is necessary at the same time.

This brand does not include artificial anything in their products. There is no corn, no wheat, no soy.

The Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) certifies that Natura, maker of California Natural products, purchases all its meats from USDA registered suppliers who follow all USDA regulations for safe meat handling.

I spoke to Michelle at Natura Consumer Care in researching information for this article, and she assured me that none of the ingredients used in California Natural products are sourced in or manufactured in China. This very helpful lady also directed me to a special website the company created to provide more in-depth information about their products. Go to You can click on “Where do we get our select ingredients;” click on a product; click on an ingredient in said product, and a map will pop up showing exactly where that ingredient was sourced. It’s a marketing gimmick but very effective!

dog food ingredients

Chicken meal is high in protein.  I would prefer to see another meat and the brown rice further down the ingredients list.  White rice is certainly an easily digestible carbohydrate for finicky senior dogs but again, being in third place on the list means there is a lot of white rice in this food.

The fat and oils included address the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acid needs and are excellent choices.

The food also includes glucosamine and chondroitin supplements to address joint and mobility issues that are common with senior dogs.

Because there aren’t many ingredients included in this food, it is easy to see that it would work just fine for senior dogs.  I would suggest that very active senior dogs require more protein in their diets.

This is a good food, and I do like the way the company is addressing consumer concerns


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