Recall: Walmart Jerky Pet Treats

May 19, 2015

WSBTV in Atlanta reported today that a private label jerky treat produced for Walmart – and imported from China – has been linked to 23 sick dogs and 3 deaths.

The Food & Drug Administration continues to search for a cause while over 4,800 pet illnesses and 1,000 pet deaths have been reported.  This travesty has been going on since 2007 and has received tremendous publicity.  The public should know by now to avoid pet food or treats made in China.

This Walmart private label jerky treat didn’t hit the stores until 2014, and one has to wonder why Walmart would do that to their customers.  Why would they allow China to manufacture their private label treats?  They had to know it was a risk.

Susan Thixton of sent a letter to Walmart that is worth a read.

The WSBTV report cited specific cases of Atlanta-area pets affected by what they believe is the jerky treats from Walmart.  Yet a Walmart spokesperson was quoted as saying, “We require our pet food and treat suppliers to meet the highest of food safety standards and remain committed to providing our customers and their pets with safe and affordable foods. If consumers have questions about these products, we encourage them to reach out to the FDA or the manufacturers of these products,”

Ms. Thixton, in her letter to Walmart, asked them exactly how they expect consumers to contact the manufacturer in China. Indeed, the folks at Walmart seem to be talking out of both sides of their figurative mouths.  The spokesperson insists they require their “pet food and treat suppliers to meet the highest of food safety standards” but anyone who has read or listened to the news reports and written articles about the jerky treat recalls knows that China does not provide either.

Walmart appears to be playing fast and loose with the health of our pets.

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