Recall: Himalayan Ruff Root All-Natural Dog Chew Toys

This morning, posted a notice on their site about the recall of Himalayan Corporation’s Ruff Root All Natural Dog Chews due to potential metal contamination.  All lots of this product sold at PetSmart are included in this voluntary recall.

The article says they are sold at PetSmart.  I could not find any information about this recall on other sites but that is not unusual in the early hours following a recall.

Included in this voluntary recall are:

Himalayan Ruff Roots All-Natural 4 inch Sprout Dog Chew Toy – UPC 85301200439 – All lots

Himalayan Ruff Roots All-Natural 5 inch Stump Dog Chew Toy – UPC 85301200440 – All lots

Himalayan Ruff Roots All-Natural 7 inch Stalk Dog Chew Toy – UPC 85301200441 – All lots

If you have purchased any of the chews listed above, stop using them immediately and return them to your PetSmart retailer for a full refund.

To confirm this information, I called the Himalayan Corp. and spoke to someone in Customer Service.  She told me that this ONLY involves the lot numbers sold to PetSmart and does NOT include products at other retail outlets.  She said that the company is not referring to it as a recall because it only affected a small number of products.  I was told that the supplier they were using for one of the ingredients was cleaning something using metal and they have since changed suppliers to ensure there is no repeat of this event.

For any questions, call the Himalayan Corp. at 425-322-4295, or email them at

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