Rachel Ray Nutrish® Zero Grain Turkey & Potato Recipe

October 11, 2013

We have tried all of the Rachel Ray Nutrish® foods for dogs at one time or another and for the most part, we found them to be acceptable.  Some contain an ingredient or two that I didn’t care for or found unhealthy for my dogs.  But for the most part, this company produces ok pet food.

Gator ran out of his usual grain-free food and since we were waiting for delivery of a shipment from chewy.com, Jim picked up a small bag of this grain-free Nutrish® product.  I should add that our dogs are unusual in that they will eat anything and never suffer from an abrupt change in food.  This product was no exception.  Both Gator & Maggie liked the food.

A good grain-free dog food

Looking at the ingredients, the turkey and 2 named meals are a good beginning.  The turkey meal and chicken meal are very high in protein.

Dried peas, while considered a carbohydrate, also contain protein.  The next two items are grain-free carb sources.

But the addition of poultry fat kind of spoils it all.  Poultry fat is a result of the rendering process and could contain anything that may have been thrown into the rendering vat, from bad meat to road kill or worse.  A better option would have been chicken fat, because it is sourced strictly from chicken.

The remaining ingredients are fine and add up to a very good grain-free food for dogs that need to avoid any kind of plants or grains.

Rachel Ray Nutrish® dog foods provide a reasonably-priced product with decent quality ingredients.  There are no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors.


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