Questionable Jerky Pet Treats Back on Store Shelves & FDA Issues Warning

May 22, 2014

Recently, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) released their latest report on the Chinese-made jerky pet treats investigation. In this ongoing investigation, the FDA collaborated with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) on a case control study. However, a specific cause for the many pet illnesses and deaths is yet to be found.

Since October, 2013, the FDA has received approximately 1800 more cases of illness in pets with a suspected cause being the jerky pet treats. Overall, the agency has collected more than 4800 complaints of illnesses in pets that ate chicken, duck or sweet potato jerky treats. Most of those were made in China. More than 5600 dogs, 24 cats, and 3 people have taken ill and more than 1000 canine deaths were reported. Those are some rather staggering statistics.

Symptoms of these recent illnesses are similar to the reports prior to October, 2013. Gastrointestinal, liver disease, kidney or urinary disease symptoms were suffered by 10% of the cases. 15% of the kidney and urinary cases also tested positive for Fanconi Syndrom.

The CDC usually tracks cases of human illness but agreed to work with the FDA on this ongoing study of sick dogs versus dogs that were not ill. The hope is that data collected from this study will help the FDA to better understand the source of the pet illnesses.

According to the FDA, testing of Chinese-made jerky treats revealed the presence of amantadine in some chicken jerky samples that were sold a year or more ago. Amantadine is an antiviral drug approved by the FDA for use in humans. While it has also been used in dogs for pain control, it is NOT approved for use in poultry. However, the FDA doesn’t believe amantadine is the cause of the illnesses, because the side effects of the drug do not correlate with the symptoms in the jerky treat illnesses. China was warned of the problem, and the Chinese authorities promised to do a better job of screening jerky treat manufacturers.

I’m sure that brings great assurance to the owners of pets that have suffered and died after eating Chinese-sourced jerky treats.
The bottom line: They still don’t know what it is about the Chinese-sourced jerky treats that is causing so many problems.

Jerky pet treats manufactured by Nestle Purina and Del Monte are back on store shelves after an earlier voluntary withdrawal of their products from the market.

Chinese-made jerky pet treats still harm pets

Chinese-made jerky pet treats still harm pets

There is an easy solution to this ongoing issue: Resolve to NEVER purchase any food product for your pet that is manufactured in or sourced in China. Stick to healthy pet treats from sources you can trust.

My recommendation is to feed your pets Healthy Gourmet Treats from PureZa for Life or any of the treats manufactured by Clear Conscience Pets. Your pets will thank you!

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