Pure Balance Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dog Food

May 17, 2014

In the search for affordable pet foods, healthier options can be found.  You just have to spend a little time on the hunt. Pure Balance™ Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe is available at Walmart.

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This particular flavor of Pure Balance™ offers quite a few positive ingredients.  Chicken and chicken meal are a good start for a decent dog food.  Although I could do without the grains that are listed next, at least they did use brown rice, which is better than some of the alternatives.

There are two ingredients that I don’t like.  Brewer’s rice is a waste product coming from the brewing industry and contains little to no nutritional value.  I also dislike the fact that the food contains so much of it, as indicated by its placement high up on the ingredients list.

The other poor choice is poultry fat.  There’s no telling what is in that fat! A named fat, like chicken fat, is always a better choice.

Some pet food experts would not approve of the inclusion of rice bran and dried beet pulp, and I would prefer they had been further down the list.  I should also mention that there are several opportunities for the dog to ingest MSG in this food and if that is a concern to you, beware. To learn more about MSG in pet food, read this article.

Of course, it would be nice to feed our pets the best dog foods on the market, but not every budget can handle that.  As an alternative, Pure Balance™ Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe would work.

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