Playing With Your Cat

March 10, 2013

How do you play with your cat? I started thinking about that this morning, when Lucy was driving me batty as I tried to clean my desk.

Lucy doesn’t need toys. She creates her own. Anything on my desk is fair game. We play “find the pen under the paper” and “where did Mom hide the paper clips.” It really doesn’t take a lot to please this kitty.
Late at night, Lucy and Chico play a form of hide and seek together, but any other time of day, Miss Sociability wants a human playmate.

Think about the attention you give to your pet. It isn’t necessary to spend money to entertain Fluffy, but you do need to set aside a little time for her a couple of times a day.

Boxes offer lots of opportunity for Kitty. I keep a large basket under my desk with a small blanket in it. Lucy burrows under the blanket and waits for me to “find” her. If I fail to respond on cue, she lets me know it.
Commercial cat toys are great, as long as you don’t own dogs that consider them chew toys. They just don’t work in my house because Maggie destroys them.

Maggie’s bad behavior makes interactive toys for the cats imperative. Both Lucy and Chico love the fishing pole with feathers and small items dangling from a long stick. They both like the laser light pen and will chase that little red light for as long as we are willing to play.

Because I make catnip toys for the Seniors for Pets gift baskets, I’ve modified them somewhat to be safe, should a dog reach them. Keep your other pets in mind when choosing Fluffy’s toys.

Lucy and I begin the morning with a wadded up piece of paper. I throw it; she retrieves it. She couldn’t be happier.

If you need to purchase toys for your kitty, check out  They have a big selection, good prices and quick delivery.  Your purchase using a link on this website will help Seniors for Pets with their mission of assisting needy senior citizens pay for basic veterinary needs for their pets.

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