Pet Pleasing Christmas Gifts

December 7, 2015


Maggie, the Bulldog, Loves Christmas! Maggie, the Bulldog, Loves Christmas!



Christmas will be here soon, and I’ve been frantically checking off names on my list of gift recipients. I’m almost finished with the humans but still need to shop for my dog and 2 cats. Here are some ideas I found online to help you include your furry friends in your holiday plans:

*Hang a stocking for your cat or dog.  A bag of dog or cat treats would be a welcome addition to your pet’s stocking. How about a new Nylabone for Fido or a fishing pole toy for Fluffy? A pet store will yield a multitude of ideas for your pet’s Christmas stocking.

*Buy Fido a holiday sweater or new outfit. My Bulldog loves to dress up and show off! She seems to think a dress or tee shirt makes her special, and she loves to “ham it up.”

*If you don’t have one, a pet first aid kit could be the best gift your dog or cat ever received.  Include bandages and a veterinarian-approved pet analgesic for your pet. A rectal thermometer and petroleum jelly would be useful. Also include any prescription medications that your pet must take. A muzzle might come in handy in case you are dealing with an injured or fearful dog.

*Obvious gifts for pets include items from daily life. Think about a new collar or leash or identification tag.  Food and water dishes make welcome gifts, along with a new pet bed.

*A special service might be more suitable than a physical gift.  Many pets would enjoy a day at a pet spa. Some pet spas offer massages, as well as bathing and grooming. If your dog is a social guy, he might enjoy a half day at a doggie daycare.

Whatever your choice, be sure to include your pet in the festivities and make him or her feel like a valued member of the family.

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