Pet Food Review: Just 6® from Rachel Ray

As “Mama” to an oversized Weimaraner and a so-called Miniature English Bulldog, canine skin issues are a big deal at our house.  Because of my background with pet food and nutrition, I am very picky about what my fur babies consume.

We’ve experimented with them all, and we know what works and what doesn’t.  But try finding a commercial dog food that doesn’t contain corn, by-products, soy, artificial flavoring, colors or preservatives and you’ll find retail pricing that often breaks the average budget.  That is, until now.

Recently, we ran out of dog food and since we were driving past a Publix Supermarket, we stopped and picked up a 6-lb bag of Just 6® Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Recipe.  My husband couldn’t find our usual brand and decided to try this new offering from Rachel Ray’s Nutrish™ line of dog foods.  Our dogs will eat most anything and never have trouble switching to a new lamb and rice food, providing we do so gradually,  but we always look for a healthy food without corn, soy by-products or artificial anything.

Made with just 6 ingredients, plus a boatload of vitamins and minerals, Just 6® is a simple recipe of wholesome ingredients.

The first listed ingredient is lamb meal.  Lamb is a good choice of protein, because it is highly digestible (important for my Weimaraner).  Meal actually contains a higher protein content than actual meat.  Brown rice is an excellent carbohydrate choice and is full of vitamins.

The third listed ingredient is ground rice – as in white rice.  I would have preferred that to be farther down the list since it is pure carbohydrates, but I prefer it to corn.

Beet pulp is a fiber source that helps digestion.  Poultry fat would not be my first choice, but at least it is a natural fat.  Chicken flavor enhances the taste of the food.

The remainder of the ingredients are vitamins and minerals and are excellent additives to a pet’s diet.

I do have one “issue” with Just 6®.  Another quality meat source in the first 4 ingredients would have been preferable, i.e., fresh lamb or chicken.  However, that would have raised the price.  I take care of that when I prepare chicken dishes or fish for my husband and me by including extra to add to our dogs’ meals.

For the price, Just 6® is a very good food.  Best of all, my dogs love it!  Be sure to check the Rachel Ray Nutrish™ website for discount coupons for this® new addition to their line.

Another reason I like this food is that all the proceeds from sales of this product are donated to Rachel’s Rescue, an organization she created to help the “forgotten pets – the ones that might not have someone who loves them as much as you love your pet.”

Rachel’s Rescue donations help pay for food, medical supplies and treatment for needy animals.

You have to love a dog food that benefits your pets, as well as those not so fortunate.

2 thoughts on “Pet Food Review: Just 6® from Rachel Ray

  1. lois weinstock

    I have been giving my fussy eater Monique, an 11 year old Maltese, Rachel Rays Dish chicken for several months now, which she just loves. Went to the vet yesterday for her yearly exam and her blood showed fat in it. Is this from the food she has been eating? I was under the impression this was a low fat product. She also gets one of Rachel Rays chicken snacks a day. Could this be where the fat is coming from? Obviously I am upset as I love my dog more than anything and don’t want fat in her blood. Please advise how much fat is in these products

    1. Carol North

      Lois, only your veterinarian can answer your question. You could try calling the manufacturer and asking them about the fat content, but that still isn’t an answer for you. Pets can show a rise in fat in their bodies from many sources. Talk your your vet and good luck.


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