Pedigree Dog Food: Is It Safe Or Is There a Problem?

In the last few days, there have been a flurry of media reports and posts on various websites about the dangers of Pedigree Dog Food.  I’m using the generic term here because multiple Pedigree varieties were included in the complaints.  One website I read last night posted that Pedigree had actually recalled some packages of one of their dog food products because of metal fragments found in the dry kibble. It went so far as to list lot numbers and where the product was purchased.  As of today, I have not found verification of that recall on any of my usual sites.

What I have found is a ton of complaints on the Consumer Affairs website  Most of those dealt with a new chicken flavor in Pedigree dog food that consumers say is making their dogs sick.  Thus far, the company has had no comment. Look at the Pedigree Facebook page and you’ll find more comments and questions about this issue.  The Petful website also shows an article about metal fragments found in a Pedigree product and posts photos of the kibble with what appears to be metal pieces coming out of them.

I don’t know the answer to this problem except to suggest that you avoid this dog food.  There are too many questions swirling around the Internet right now.  I have not reviewed a Pedigree dog food in the past, mainly because I don’t care for their products.  But I promise to correct that omission soon.

UPDATE:  Today I read on a couple of sites that Pedigree has announced that the so-called metal fragments that consumers were finding in their pet food were really pig hair, most likely from the meat and bone meal included in the ingredients.  It’s better than pieces of metal, but it is certainly not what I’d want my dog to eat.  Remember that meat and bone meal is a rendered item that may include euthanized Fido and Fluffy, among other atrocities. posted an article saying they purchased 4 bags of pet food, all containing meat and bone meal,  All 4 bags contained hair pieces in the kibble.  If the petfood contains meat and bone meal, buyer beware!


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