Milo’s Kitchen Launches Mobile Truck

Milo’s Kitchen, perhaps trying to recover their reputation (?) after the chicken jerky treats made in China episode last year, launched the first mobile “treat truck” for dogs and their owners.

The truck will visit major metropolitan areas across the United States and offer visiting pets the opportunity to taste their products, which they say are all made in the U.S. with “100% domestically-sourced meat and no artificial colors or flavors.”

Photo opportunities for pets and their owners will be available in a professional canine-ready photo booth.
The truck will offer a “backyard-style lapdog lounge” for dogs to socialize with each other and play. You can even take Fido on a “walk break” with drinking bowls, beds and toys.

The truck will be free to the public, and visitors can even take home a doggie bag of treats.

You may recall that Milo’s was one of the major pet treat companies that voluntarily recalled their jerky treats made in China after the illness and deaths of pets were made public over the last couple years. Looking at their website, it does appear they have reformulated their treats. They state that after the report by the Food & Drug Administration in 2013, they voluntarily recalled all their products made in China for reformulation. They promise that all their products are now made in the United States and sourced here. The website does state that some minor ingredients may not be available in the U.S. and must be found elsewhere, but they will not source any products from China. That’s good news for pet owners!

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